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Syndicat d'initiative Vianden
Indian Forest

Art and tradition

THE INHABITANTS OF VIANDEN had been clever craftsmen working for centuries in safety, sheltered by their ramparts. On the busy Vianden markets they could sell their manufactured products and buy the goods they needed. Isolated within their ramparts, surrounded by mountains, the burghers of Vianden displayed a certain linguistic and cultural originality and their proverbial good temper was specially striking at public rejoicings. Every inhabitant of Vianden was somehow an artist by a certain inborn mobility of temper. The surrounding rather conservative rural populations reproved this happy-go-lucky element in the Vianden character as thoughtlessness or even craziness. The ambulant Vianden whitewashers and musicians displayed their good temper and humorous mischievousness throughout the country, the former while whitewashing the houses to decorate them for the village fair, the latter going in for music to entertain the guests at the village balls, for the whole country was dancing to the tunes of the Vianden musicians.

Nowadays the citizens of Vianden still display this originality and they have kept faithfully their old traditions alive. In autumn, after the tourists have left their town, they celebrate their ancient folklore customs: the nut-fair, the St. Martin Fire, their carnival and their specific Good-Friday celebration called "Jaudes".